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Welcome to Core Electric, home of one of the best Ontario electrician services on both residential and commercial aspects. Everyone in our offices, from our licensed electrician, the residential electrician, to the rest of the staff in Guelph has committed to providing the best quality work they can each and everyday, upholding the kind of reputation that gets us loyalty referrals and recognition within the area. You can be sure that all your wiring, installation and electrical needs in Ontario are fulfilled and exceeded in terms of quality and promptness that only we can provide.

We are your one-stop residential electrician Ontario services shop because we offer a great range of electrical services for residential or commercial wiring purposes. Whether you need to upgrade or renovate all of your electrical service panels, we can be there in a flash. We understand how you won’t settle for mediocre electrical work, which is why our elite licensed electrical contractors are on standby to help you with all your electrician service needs. Core Electric delivers where it matters the most- on providing the best kind of electrical work that you deserve with professionalism and the type of promptness rarely seen within our industry. You get what you pay for, and only the best service you deserve from our Ontario electrician and their expertise in providing fantastic electrical solutions.

Our mission is to match our customers up with a capable, highly skilled residential electrician or commercial electrician where applicable. The Guelph electrician you’ll see is fully licensed and is more than capable of carrying the specific task that you have asked for. We won’t just send any electrician on hand to get the work done; we select the best one who is very familiar with the type of electrical work you need, with years of experience and the right qualifications to finish the job. Our glowing reputation reflects the 10+ years of hard work we put in being the best in the Ontario area. Ask our past clients and they’ll tell you how our company has done great electrical services for them, so much that they have recommended their friends and business partners to come to us for all their electrical work needs.

Core Electric specializes in all types of electrical work in the Ontario region. We love to personalize our quality of work by catering specifically to a client while providing the full range of services one can expect from a residential electrician in Guelph. What more could you ask for a licensed commercial electrician and residential electrician in Ontario? We have the electrical skills, the expertise, the drive and the commitment to make all our work 100% satisfactory to our clients. We are prompt, friendly and always willing to explain what’s happening and how we do our electrical work. Our transparent billing shows how honest our electrical contractors and electrical technicians are- there are simply no hidden charges and costs, and all your wiring needs will be completely met. On top of that, all of our electrical work is done with a guarantee for 100% satisfaction, which says a lot about how we pride ourselves on being one of the best Ontario electrician services the Guelph area has to offer.

They delivered on time and under budget. Calling them was the best choice I ever could have made!


When it comes to your home’s electrical system, you need a trusted and certified electrician to ensure you are protected.  Find out why more and more people are trusting Core Electric.



Your business has a complex electrical system that requires an electrical company who is certified and knowledgeable.  With over 10 years of experience, we will earn your trust.



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“After meeting with several different electricians we found Core Electric to be the best company for our commercial lighting. The level of service we received and the quality of work will allow us to use Core Electric in the future.”