Core Electric is quickly becoming the goto electrician in Guelph, South Western Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area.  Our team is dedicated to getting better everyday and growing the business in smart ways.  We are consistantly looking for ways to grow with the best people.

  • Quite simply, we want a team of the best people in every role.
  • Investing in the right people to help us grow and succeed as a team.
  • As a fast growing company, we need people prepared to grow.

Beyond everything else, we focus on the client and the experience in everything we do.  We want everyone within our team to have the same focus and attention to detail to ensure we exceed expectations.
As one of the fastest growing electricial companies in this part of Ontario we are consistantly looking for improvements to help us grow and reach more clients quicker.
We make consistant and actionable investments in improving our people and the experience with our clients.  This means investing in the right people and helping them succeed.
As we grow we value inputs in the processes and organization that allow us to serve more clients better.  We are consistnatly rewarding these ideas to show value in all of our team members.



We are looking to hire an electrician who can work independently as well as work alongside other team members in a fast-paced environment.   The candidate must work well with customers and be an experienced troubleshooter.

Candidates must possess:

  • 309A Certificate of Qualifications
  • Clean drivers abstract
  • Customer service skills
  • Ability to work independently
  • Experience in both residential and commercial setting
  • Experience in lighting maintenance

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“As the owner of Core Electric, I am dedicated to finding the best team in the area.  With one of the fastest growing companies in the region I am constantly searing for the best talent with a passion to grow and deliver a superior service to our customers.  The right candidates for my company are skilled and willing to continue learning.  As this company continues growing I need team members who can grow within this organization”