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Commercial Services

Why is a Guelph commercial electrician such an integral part in maintaining a commercial establishment in good shape?

One of the most essential things a Guelph business owner should know about is whether or not the wiring in his establishment is up to safety standards. The requirements aren’t that complicated- the checklist should include if the electrical wiring is updated, and if it’s all up to code. Though it may look like everything’s in good shape structure-wise, companies will have to make sure that the inside elements wiring elements can handle the load as needed.

CoreElectric Commercial Services

Panel Changes and Service Upgrades- Upgrade your commercial electrical panels to handle the ever-increasing load requirement in today’s world. We can work with electrical panel upgrades and replacements, no matter where your meter is inside or outside the establishment.

Rework Knobs and Tubes- Our professional Guelph commercial electricians can rework or remove your tube system or knobs to ensure they are working and according to electrical safety codes.

Generator Systems- We can install generator systems where you need it, most especially in outage-prone areas and where there are rolling power outages.

Additional Circuits- Your business may grow and take up more space. When this happens, you’ll need to add more electrical circuits to handle the demands of more orders and more customers. Upgrading and electrical installations also include the addition of capacitors, switchgears and a metering system.


Our Guelph commercial electricians are also trained in installing the best lighting to make your commercial establishment inviting and functional. If you have an office complex, a hotel, a restaurant or an arena, you can be sure our professional electricians are there to provide excellent interior lighting.

Your building’s exterior lighting also plays an important role for your business. Adding LED lights and installing them in various lighting services such as Post and Track Lighting, Decorative or Perimeter Lighting are just some of the things we can do for your business.

Businesses require a lot of electrical services throughout the year. Maintenance, repair and additional electrical works are just some things they need help with. One word of advice is that you shouldn’t wait until the smell of burning wires pervade your establishment’s air before checking in with a Guelph commercial electrician. Fortunately, our services include emergency electrical repairs at a reasonable cost.

CoreElectric is the key to your commercial establishment’s success in the electrical works aspect. Our Guelph commercial electrician works closely with all our clients to ensure customer satisfaction like no other company can. Trust in us to complete your electrical projects on time and within budget!