Panel upgrades have come a long way since decades ago. Before, homeowners only had to worry about powering their TV, the lights, the fridge and the heater during the colder winter months. Now, there’s more than enough electrical appliances and electronic devices than you can count in your fingers, and who knows how much electrical power they draw on your panel box?

All these newer technological advances produce modern electrical products that are essential in our daily lives. Be it residential panels or commercial panels, businesses and homes are looking for the appropriate electrical panel upgrades to allow for more load in their electrical systems.

As more and more businesses and residential homes in Guelph consider electrical service upgrades, they also ask how much would an electrical panel upgrade cost. Would it be better to leave the old home as is and move to a newer, more modern home? As it turns out, committing to upgrade service panel is the better, more economical choice. Professional Guelph electricians can certainly do it for you by installing modern breaker boxes which can stand up to the electrical tasks.

Commercial Panel Upgrade

Companies run on a number of electronic equipment to serve clients and function as a business; most of the industries utilize dedicated circuits or specialty outlets to guarantee a safe, daily operation.

Electric panels provide the means to power your business equipment by allowing electricity to flow out to major electrical branches and into smaller branches in an efficient distribution. New electrical service upgrades, especially panel upgrades ensure your commercial entity maintains a record of good safety code compliance, as well as the luxury of a smooth operation day in and day out.

How would you know when to consider Guelph panel upgrades?

When you encounter these following electrical issues:

  • Turning off one electrical appliance to power another one
  • Melted electrical wiring
  • Fuses that constantly blow and circuits that frequently trip
  • Lights that flicker

Core Electric Panel Upgrades

Our company provides commercial and residential electrical panel upgrades with only professional Guelph electricians qualified to do the job. You can be sure that the right type of electrical panels are installed according to your needs. Our expert electrical technicians will work closely with you and replace your electrical panels whenever it is convenient for you to ensure minimal power interruption. Our Guelph electrical services company will make sure you, your home and your business are safe from any electrical emergencies or damage that may occur from old, faulty electrical panels.


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