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Residential Services

We are the leading company in residential electrical Guelph services, installation and repair, helping both business owners and homeowners alike in their electrical service needs. Everyone in our workforce, from our expert electricians to our friendly staff, has only one goal in mind- to assist our clients! The end goal is to provide an outstanding residential electrical experience.

Electrical Additions and Renovations

Do you need a new electrical service panel addition or renovation of electrical work? A thorough electrical connection work allows you to fit in features and install panels as necessary for your business or home. Our professional electrician services Guelph covers outlet addition, ceiling fan and vacuum installations, aluminum removal and remedial work, knobs and tubes removal and remedial work, breaker panel changes and upgrades, among others.

Electrical Panel Changes and Service Upgrades

Did you know that your primary source of protection from electrical hazards and damage can be worn out? Whether you use a residential electrical system of circuit breakers, panels or whether your meter is located in or outdoors, our experienced electricians can fix, upgrade or maintain a level of safety for your peace of mind.

Light Fixture Installation

A qualified, licensed residential electrician can help you choose the best interior decorative lighting scheme to brighten and enliven any part of your home or business space. We recommend installing LED products to save you money and bring your lighting system up to the latest technology.

Outdoor Wiring

Wiring in water features such as a hot tub or pool should be done by professionals to ensure complete safety and compliance within the code. Furthermore, the addition of outdoor lighting fixture such as garden lighting can add a touch of class, highlight wonderful landscapes and create a fantastic mood. Put in some lighting for security, or make it even more attractive when viewed from the curb.

New Home Wiring

Our residential electrical Guelph professionals are 100% qualified to undertake this complicated process. We make sure that there’s adequate protection in the form of standard home surge protection, the right electrical wiring that passes routine electrical system inspections year in and year out.

Generator Installation and Design

We understand how your family and home is your greatest joy and asset. They deserve your greatest concern and should be your biggest investments. So how do you prepare for possible power outages due to grid overloads, utility equipment issues or power outages? Don’t be left out in cases of rolling electrical blackouts or electrical breakdowns due to accidents; have a generator on hand and available at all times with the help of an expert electrician. Come to us and we can set up a capable generator for your home right away.

Emergency Residential Electrical Services

Our electrical services are available 24/7, especially in emergency cases. We will get there promptly, on time and deliver high-quality service our company is known for. Come to us and we will work on your electrical needs ASAP.

We will work together with you to deliver on-point, accurate electrical services that you can afford. Upfront pricing and estimates show you how you can save money and still get the best electrical assistance for your budget. We go above and beyond to show you how you can improve your wiring and electrical designs, and how you can minimize the costs of electrical installation and upgrades.

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